There’s Hope for Attachment Issues: Adoptee Transitions from Abusing His Adoptive Parents to Sharing His Success Story

Thanks to Mark Coen, adoptive dad and world authority on attachment issues, we get an opportunity to hear directly from an adoptee with an amazing success story.

Jordan, tells us in no uncertain terms what it was like to be dropped off at the hospital with a fractured skull as a babyl, and then sent into the foster care system. Even after his adoption, Jordan refused to believe that anyone cared, he was thrown out of every preschool and alternative school, he delighted in setting fires, and was abusive towards his adoptive parents.

This is a true testament to what adoption specialists can do, although Mark would be the first person to tell you, it doesn’t always end with such a happy story.

About the Author

Mark is a founder of the Attachment and Trauma Specialists, an internationally recognized agency specializing in the treatment of young adults with attachment and trauma related issues. Mark and his wife Monica, are also the adoptive parents of a child they adopted from the foster system at seven years old. Read more about Mark on the Contributors Page.

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  1. I’m a former foster child, now an adult, almost 40, and I definitely still have awful attachment issues. I’m really impressed with this kid, AND with his parents for sticking through with him – many people wouldn’t have. I was adopted at the age of 14 (after being in care for 11 years), and my mom has said that if she had known how hard it would’ve actually been, she might have given me back! I hope you don’t give up now Jordan – trauma and attachment issues can come back up at any time – for the rest of your life. Be on guard kiddo, but know this… YOU ARE AMAZING! WAY TO GO JORDAN! A good relationship with loving adults can help you throughout the rest of your life. Much love kiddo. 🙂

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