“” Storytelling is the world’s oldest and best learning experience. Our storytellers and experts will make you laugh, cry, nod in perfect agreement or howl in protest. They weave provocative experiences into a fabric of diverse adoption perspectives, opinions and advice.”

The truth about adoption

I know what you are thinking, but please read on…

Some of you are thinking, there is no one truth about adoption, there is simply everyone’s truth about adoption, and I would agree. Because we all view the world from our own experience, we all hold our own “truths,” and that has been the entire mission of this magazine.

In this edition of the magazine, I would like to share three truths of mine , and the truths of my contributors who represent all three parts of the adoption constellation. You may agree or disagree with their point of view, but you will not be bored with their stories.

My first truth is that this is the final edition of the magazine. I have been experiencing serious health issues and have no choice but to retire. This makes me incredibly sad, and I will miss this endeavor with all my heart. As I recover, I will probably think of some way to be involved in talking about adoption, but right now I just need to get well.


There are many adoption resources

My second truth is that I feel like I am abandoning all of my readers, so be sure you look at the contributor list, and continue to read from these incredible “experts”, in adoption. I have been so blessed to have so many people contribute their time, talent and truths. I also want to provide you with a list of resources that is not at all comprehensive, but a good beginning if you are in search of information about any aspect of adoption. Click here for this list of resource