Jane Ballback, Publisher and Executive Editor
Adoption Voices Magazine is an aggregation of Jane’s talents, experiences, and passions.  As a little girl she sat in libraries enthralled with the thousands of stories that were at her fingertips.  During her career Jane created and taught professional development classes using humor and storytelling, to make every session “come alive.”  Once she retired, she began sharing her personal stories of adoption with adoptive parents.  It all comes together in this magazine, combined with the hard work of a talented team and the many contributors whose voices are looking for a place to be heard.


Sharon Roszia,  Acquisitions Editor
Sharon Roszia is a world-recognized authority on adoption issues and is considered one of the founders of the open adoption movement  and the theoretical philosophy of the Seven Core Issues in Adoption, both of  which  helped open and advance thinking in the world of adoption.During her 50 year career, she consulted, wrote books and curriculum and traveled the world  speaking and lecturing to worldwide gatherings of adoption experts  and the people who live adoption everyday as adoptive parents, birth family members and foster and adopted children and adults. During that time, she managed to befriend hundreds of people connected to the adoption world.  Sharon is connected to institutional leaders, authors, filmmakers, thought leaders, therapists ,attorneys,  adoptees, first mothers  and fathers , and adoptive parents  as well as their extended families. As acquisitions editor, she reaches out to her vast network to bring the rich and varied voices that are the epitome of this magazine’s mission.  Sharon’s friends and admirers give all of our readers a story and a point of view that reaches both their heads and their hearts. She runs a private practice providing support in all facets of adoption decisions, issues and challenges. Her website is at sharonroszia.com.


Stacee Ballback, Managing Editor and Co-Publisher
Stacee manages the daily publishing schedule and social media presence at Adoption Voices Magazine. Stacee started with the magazine as the Art Director. She is a strong writer and editor, a talented photographer, and social media is second nature to her. As Managing Editor, Stacee organizes and executes all of the publishing of articles and selects photos using her visual eye. Stacee believes that her greatest qualification is that since she herself is adopted, she can offer a unique adoptee perspective and understanding to many of the issues featured in the magazine. She uses this experience to connect and communcaite with Adoption Voices Magazine’s loyal readers and contributors.


Jen Danker, Web Developer/Art Director
As Creative Director of Breo Media, Jen helps manage the design and development of the Adoption Voices Magazine website. Her focus is to create and maintain an engaging design that emotionally connects with users while providing a seamless user experience. Jen will help the Adoption Voices Magazine team continually add new features to the site and update its overall appearance as needed.